Innovative projects

Innovative projects

iulie 14, 2021 portfolio-en 0

Cross-Filling prevention and E-sealing

Together with Secu-Tech we implemented the Anti-Contamination and Electronic Sealing system in Romania.

The advantages of using the system are:

Cross-Filling Prevention – 100% Avoid mix of products.

Sealed Parcel Delivery Function – SPDF – Theft Control – Tracking/Tracing, logging of all events with date, time, position-coordinates and information of all compartments.


DLCC module – transforms the analog signal transmitted by the level indicators into a digital signal, with the possibility of interfacing with any PC.
DLCC reduces mechanical reading errors by up to +/- 1%, ensuring better management of real stocks in tanks.

ICARUS Project

IP camera installed in front of each fingerprint reader.
Time and attendance recording software.
Quick face identification for confirmation.

Fuel Loss Project

Inventory control systems and fuel deliveries, which lead to the reduction of losses both in gas stations and on the logistics side.